So, yesterday was my birthday!  It was a lovely, sugar fest and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I’ve been really good about keeping my eating healthy, balance, and clean lately, but come on, everyone gets a free pass on their birthday :).  And I used mine to it’s full potential.

Starting with the perfect box of chocolates!  Oh my goodness, all my favorites!  Needless to say the box no longer looks like this.  It’s much emptier.


I did workout on my birthday.  I had to burn off some of those sugars!  I did 5 miles in the morning and then spent the afternoon with these cuties at Girls on the Run.  Valie and her friends make sure I participate and not just stand around “coaching”.  Thank goodness too, because I was going out for dinner and cupcakes!


Cafe Rio time!!  I do not need fancy on my birthday.  I just want a giant salad!


And cupcakes, don’t forget the cupcakes!  Don’t these look tasty!?  They are from Mini’s cupcake bakery downtown.  The gal who owns the place was on that Food Network show Cupcake Wars, and she won!  After tasting these beauties I know why.  Very yummy.


My schedule lately has been kinda crazy so I actually get to celebrate again today!  I’m a lucky girl!  I will be bringing you part 2 of my birthday madness soon.  You can be sure that it will include an ice cream sundae the size of my head.  So I guess I better go get on my treadmill!


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