Celebrating Part 2!

My birth week is almost over!  I’m going to have to check back into reality asap before I get out of control.

Oh wait…I am already out of control! 🙂


Come on now, who doesn’t want a tower or ice cream for their birthday?!  Don’t worry, I shared.  You didn’t really think I would order this on my own did you?  You did??  Ah, you know me too well.

In preparation and aftermath of this ice-cream madness, I did get lots of cardio in.  Running, running, running, and chasing munchkins.


And in my world, shopping is definitely cardio!

See, Freddie is worn out.  Or maybe he is just tired of me asking him what he thinks of dress #75 :). He loved it by the way.


Soooooo, does anyone have any fun plans this weekend??  It’s supposed to be lovely here in the SLC and I’m going to try and enjoy it as much as possible.  I will be cooped up in a cheer comp for about a million hours on Saturday, but I have big plans to tour downtown SLC by foot that day whenever possible.  I will also have some fun Spartan training posts for you next week!  Lots of training is going down this weekend!

Question of the Day!!

What is your favorite birthday treat??

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