A Big Exciting CHEER Update!!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!!  Hope you are all having a greentastic day!  I am not yet, but I will…as soon as I find a second to get my booty into the shower.  It’s a crazy busy day, and not my most fave holiday, but my girly loves the little traditions we do…so the show must go on!

But first…

CHEER CHEER CHEER!  This weekend was the American National Championship competition here in SLC.  It was at the Salt Palace and it was huge!  The biggest competition we’ve been to so far.  My little cheerleader was super nervous because there were tons of teams and there was an elevated stage and she didn’t want to fall off of it :).  I was just nervous because I’m a mom and I’m always nervous enough for the both of us.  In fact, I was killing the poor girls while I was doing their hair and totally didn’t even notice!  Sorry chickies!


My little sugar baby!  Here we are, chillin’, waiting for warm-ups.


Ok, we had a slight recording issue and didn’t get a video.  Dang it!  I’ll have to get it from one of the other mom’s later.  This was the only pic we got of them actually performing.  Their routine went pretty good.  Not perfect, there was a bobble at the very end.  But overall it went great.  Their showmanship is really improving and they are getting more and more fun to watch.


They packed the stage with about a million sparkly, hyper girls for the awards ceremony.  It was madness.

Now here’s where things get interesting.

At the awards ceremony Val’s team was awarded 3rd place.  At the time I thought, ok sure sounds good.  I was super tired, I had been up all night dreaming about alligators, and I was not all there that day.  But that’s beside the point.  Anyway, we left to grab some food quickly, came back, couldn’t find the other Cobalt people in the huge crowd, so we just found some seats and waited for the Senior team to perform.  Hours were going by, I was falling asleep, and it was finally time for the last awards ceremony.  The younger girls go up with the Seniors for support/fun.  So up went all the girls to the stage again, and then…… scroll down people!


They made an announcement that there was an error in the Small Junior Level 2 scoring.  Valie’s team actually WON!!  AHHHHH!    I seriously thought I was hallucinating.  Turns out they didn’t get proper credit for the number of tumbling skills they had and when recalculated, they beat the original top 2 teams even after Match Play! *

*The top 2 teams of each division go head to head in a Match Play.  They perform on the spot again and whoever has the highest score, either originally or in the Match Play wins.

The girls were stunned and then of course very very excited.


They got an awesome plaque with their picture, a giant banner, gold medals, and the coveted championship jackets!


I don’t think Valie will be taking this jacket off anytime soon.


So after 9.5 hours of being at cheer, it was worth it!  My little National Champ!


Oh yeah, and we totally went home and slept for 12 hours!

So that’s my story of the weekend for ya.  I also did a ton of training, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  I am off to make Saint Patrick’s Day magic happen, or at least attempt :).  Wish me luck!


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