Spring Break Recap!

What do two gals do during a snow Spring break??

Shop, bake, shop, craft, shop, eat, shop, play, repeat!

I seriously hate how almost every year it is the worst weather during my girly’s Spring break!  But we always make the most of it despite the frigid temps.

I remember Val’s first trip to Sephora.  She was 3 :).  Make up is fun and all, but it’s the perfumes that she really loves.

P.S. I adore her in this new maxi skirt!  She styled it with the hot pink top and accessories.  Love her soooooo much.


We went to City Creek during the week and it was so nice to avoid the crowds.  We had Tiffany all to ourselves!  So fun.  But it’s a good thing I had my sanity and decided that $495 for sunglasses was a bit much ;).  I pretty much lose every pair, so I’ll stick to the $5 ones.


Did you know that every Thursday at the Gallivan Plaza they have a plethora of food trucks??!!


We must come back because I have to try out all of the trucks!!

Valie of course saw steak and had to have that.


Mmmmmmm yummy!


The hubs got a crazy awesome sandwich that I failed to take a pic of because he devoured it before I had the chance!  It was a burger sandwiched between 2 grilled cheese sammies!!  Yeah, we need to work on his food choices a smidge 🙂

But seriously, look at these fresh cut curly fries!  My favorite thing that we got.  So good!

After this Spring break I really need to get back on the healthy train.


We also spent way too much time making cheer bows.


Can you believe they sell these babies for like $15 minimum at cheer competitions?!  Well, there is no way I’m paying that kind of dough for ribbon.  So we made a bunch ourselves.


Oh yeah, and we took lots of selfies this past week as well 🙂



Who thinks Spring break should be mandatory for adults?

My vote is YES!


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