Where Have I been?….Disneyland!!

Hey there!  I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other!  But guess where I wandered off to??  Disneyland!!  I know, I know, I spend more time with Mr. Mouse than I do anywhere else, I hear that a lot :).  But this time, Disney was actually the after thought of this trip.  Our first priority was a national cheer competition.

However…Disney first, cheer tomorrow!

We flew in on an early flight from SLC to LAX and were able to make it to California Adventure just an hour after opening.  I was super surprised to find only a 60 minute wait for the awesome new Cars Land ride Radiator Springs Racers!  It was fun, but reminded me of Test Track at Epcot, only Cars themed.

The other rides were fun too, nothing mind blowing, but fun for the short wait times.


The best part for me about Cars Land was the landscaping and theming.  It really looked like you stepped into the movie.  I had more fun just walking around than actually riding the rides.


We were able to ride almost all of the main attractions at California Adventure in just half a day.  Thank goodness, because we only slept for 3 hours the night before!

This pic has nothing to do with anything, other than my princess is adorable :), light of my life, love her guts!


We did have a first on this trip as well.  We finally rode the giant ferris wheel!!  The line has always been a million years long or we just didn’t have time.

K.  The pic I took was of the lovely motion sick bags.  Why?  Um, because I think they designed this thing just to make people barf.  The worst part is that they put you in this little cage with people you don’t know!  We were placed in a cage with another family of 3 seated across from us and I had to pretend like I wasn’t about to lose my lunch all over them.  Fun times.


K, moving on to a ride that doesn’t require a barf bag, for me anyway :).  Tower of Terror!  My Valie loves this ride, it’s been her fave since she was barely tall enough to ride it.  I like this ride more now than I did when she was little.  I think the anxiety/fear has finally worn off.  It only took about 100 rides, haha!


My favorite “Disney Touch” was this adorable Monsters University scene.  They designed a whole dormitory facade that was so cutely detailed.  I’m so sad I didn’t take pictures of all it’s cuteness!


We left the park around 5pm and were soooo tired.  But we had to look alive because that night was Valie’s Team dinner.  I just love the whole Cobalt family, they are awesome!  We all had to call it an early night though because the next day we were off to day 1 of competition!



So that is the topic of tomorrows post!  Big time cheer mania!


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