American National Cheer Competition!

Who’s ready for some Cheer Madness??!!

Yesterday I left off with us having spent the day in California Adventure and prepping for a big day.  We were lucky to get a later competing time so we didn’t have to leave the hotel until 11:45am.  Thank goodness!!  Do you know how long it takes to get a team of girls in full make up and hair??  A long dang time!  I really love it actually, but it does take forever :).

Don’t you love my freshly showered look here?  Gotta get the babe ready first.


And just like that…POOF…ready to go!  Haha, in my dreams.  I know the girls wish I had a magic wand to speed up the process.  I have a tendency to babble on while I do hair 🙂


Morgan and Val are cheer BFF’s.  It’s pretty darn cute.



This is the video of them competing the first day.  They received their highest score of the season with this performance.  I was such a proud mama!

After performing we took lots of pictures outside.

All the Cobalt kiddos!!  Sorry, some of them are hiding behind one of the limbs and one was too high for me to get a good shot.  It was like herding cats trying to get them all in the pictures and looking towards the camera!

I think they were all pretty restless since we had been at the competition for 4 hours and still had 4 to go!  Yeah we spend 8-9 hours a day for 2 days in the Anaheim Convention Center.  Everyone was going a little nuts.


A little stunt fun outside.  Look it’s Cars Land in the background!!  If only that blue van would have just drove away.


My little chickie and I.  I was a popsicle for 2 days and stole her jacket.  She seriously can’t grow anymore!  She’s going to be taller than me any day.  It’s killing me!


So day two was pretty much exactly the same as day 1 so I won’t re-hash it.  The girls did a pretty good job competing day 2, they did have a fall, which bumped them down in rank, but it’s all good.  Considering it was their first year and they had a team of all rookies, I think they were amazing!!

Competing done, time for some Italian Ice!!


Do you know what you get for $10 in California?  Tiny scoops of flavored ice crystals and very colorful tongues.


Oh yeah, and we are going back to Disneyland tomorrow!!  I’ll see you there!  Let’s meet by Space Mountain K? 🙂


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