Diet Friendly Disney Land + A Little More Fun

Good Monday Everyone!  I had plans to do one more Disney post last week and well…I didn’t.  So here it is now!

Have you ever gone on vacation and really wanted to stick to your diet?  I had never made a good effort at this until now.  Let me just tell you, it was crazy hard!  Especially when your family is ordering things like this…



Sometimes things don’t really come out like they are described on the menu.  This salad was basically a giant pile of dried cherries and candied pecans.  Not exactly what I was thinking, when I ordered it :(.  So I had to be creative with my choices.  When I got this salad I omitted the cheese, got dressing on the side, took off most of the nuts and fruit, and ordered a side of veggies to toss in it.  Oh yeah, and I didn’t eat that delicious looking white biscuit thingy.


Despite some places lacking in healthy menu choices, most places can accommodate a gal trying to stay healthy.  The Pacific Warf in California Adventure is great for salads.


Of course you do have to put your blinders on when the person sitting next to you is eating this!!  And you might want to move away from the smell of sourdough bread being baked fresh right there.


Also, don’t forget that right outside those Disney gates is a Subway!  Their subs are generally portion and calorie controlled, but if you’re watching carbs, the salads are perfect.  I must have extra peppers!


And what do you do when you can no longer stand the sight of salad??  Why split a 1/2 meal with someone.  No rolls of course, take off the skin, pass the potatoes to your honey, and order extra veggies.


Then of course more salad…


I’m surprised I didn’t turn into a salad! Man, this whole low carb thing was tough on vacation!  I never really wanted to order a sandwich without a bun, or eat a giant turkey leg for a meal.  I always felt like I needed color.  Hence all the rabbit food.  But it really did pay off in the end.  I actually came back from Disney smaller than when I left.  Now will I be doing that again…probably not.  But I have a big vacation coming up that is all tropical and fabulous, and I want to be all Summer ready!!


Ok, enough healthy food!  BOWS!!  I just love this adorable one!  I for real might steal it and wear it on our next Disney trip.


Oh I almost forgot to post my favorite picture of the trip!!  AHHHH! That is Thor!  Yes I am totally nerdy:)



Alrighty kids time for me to go be a productive human being!

Oh wait, you want to know where I’m heading on vaca??

I’m going this Saturday!


That’s right, you heard me, HAWAII!

All those salads are gonna be worth it 🙂

Have a great day everyone!! XOXOXOXOX



8 thoughts on “Diet Friendly Disney Land + A Little More Fun

  1. I’m glad I could with your bread bowls and funnel cakes! I probably gained the pounds that you lost by association 🙂 Also, you are looking pretty, strong next to Thor. No wonder the Disney cast members thought you were Wonder Woman!

  2. I was feeling sad for your low carb diet but then you mentioned Hawaii and all my sympathy went out the window 😉
    I hope you have a fabulous time! You are kicking butt and looking great!

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