Review: Pure LYFT

This week I was able to test out a new product called Pure LYFT.  The product is basically a caffeine boost that you can add to any beverage.  It comes packaged in these cute stir sticks.  All you have to do is peel off the sticker and stir into a drink for about 20 seconds.

I’m not a huge caffeine drinker, but as life goes on and more responsibilities start piling up, caffeine has become more appealing:).  This week was actually perfect timing for a little extra energy.  I used this product in my protein shake twice and it definitely did the trick.  I couldn’t taste any difference in my chocolate shake, but I certainly was perkier after drinking it.  Even after just 5 hours of sleep, I had plenty of pep to complete a very challenging workout.

Don’t ya just love how my nails matched the stir sticks??!  Total coincidence, but I was pretty amused.



Did I like this product, yes.  It was simple, easy, and provided a nice kick of perk.  Would I use it all the time, probably not.  Why?  I don’t feel like I need to be hyped up all the time.  I am a bit more sensitive to caffeine than the average person though, so this may be the perfect amount for someone else.  For me, it was a little too much.  Which is funny, since it was only 125mg, which basically a cup of coffee.  I’m guessing that I absorbed it quickly on an empty stomach and that is why I felt buzzed.  

I think Pure LYFT would be perfect for race days, long training sessions, and traveling.  These sticks would be perfect to pop in your bag and stir into any drink when you are feeling that travel drag.  I’d definitely love to stir one into a diet lemonade on hot day at a theme park!  

So if you are looking for some portable perk, you might want to give these a try:)


Hawaii Day 4! Kualoa Ranch, Treats, and Aulani!

Day 4 of vay-cay starts out like the previous days.  Running through lovely Turtle Bay.  I went out solo that morning and took twice as long because I was so distracted looking at everything and following paths that led me way way far away:).  I have no sense of direction. It was ridiculous, but at least it was beautiful.Image

The ocean was gorgeous!  I am not a fan of running on sand trails but I made an exception on this fine morning.


Oh, I just love this site!Image

So after running on sand for way too long, I finally turned around and decided I had no idea where I was going and I saw this funny rock.  Wait!  The rock moved!  OMG it’s a seal!  Giddy, giddy, giddy, a seal!  Oh it’s the little things that really amuse me:).Image

After I hauled my sweaty mess back to the room, I showered, packed up for a venue change and we headed out on our next adventure.  Hello Kualoa Ranch!!

I stumbled across this place on a travel site and as soon as my baby girl saw that Jurassic Park was filmed here, she just had to go.

Here we are on a bus, going to tour the movie sites!


Ah, the famous piece of wood that Dr. Grant and the two kids hide behind when the T-Rex attacks the gallimimus.  Image

Ok, now if Val and I were in Jurassic Park together, I’m sure this picture is how our story would go…minus the smiles.  I would have twisted my ankle running away and she would of had to carry me.Image

Or maybe she would have just said “sorry mom” and taken off without me:).Image

We drove past a bunch of spots where movies scenes were filmed.  It was pretty cool.

A fun little surprise for my girly was getting to see props from one of her favorite movies, Journey 2.  We went inside a WWII bunker and they had lots of movie props just hanging out in there.  Image

On our way back we had a great view of the China Man’s Hat.

We had another excursion booked at Kualoa Ranch the day.  A little trip to their “Secret Beach”.  We boarded another bus that took us to a boat, that took us to the beach.  Image

The beach had a bunch of fun equipment to use and a glass bottom boat.  I had never been on a glass bottom boat, so we hopped on.  We saw a few turtles, but really not as much sea life as I thought we would.  My suggestion would be to skip the boat and grab a snorkel if you want to see fish.

What do you think of my sparkly sunglasses??  $5 at the Aloha Swap Meet!Image

Time to play!!  I can’t believe I didn’t take any pics of us paddle boarding, kayaking, or snorkeling!  Well, I guess we were in the water and taking my phone on the paddle board would have been a bad plan.

I love paddle boarding!  I tried it in Mexico a couple years ago and it’s so fun.  You must give it a try if ever get the chance.Image

Chickie loves snorkeling and all water activities.  I think she’s part mermaid.Image

After we had lots of fun in the sun we headed out in search of food and of course shave ice.  I saw this little place called Sweet Fanatic and was so excited.  I thought it was going to be a candy shop!  It turns out that it was more of an Asian casino:).  I thought that there were arcade games in the store, but realized only adults were playing them.  I guess you can play and shoot target and win money, or lose money, probably mostly lose money:).

Anyway, their shave ice was really good!  Super fluffy ice, flavorful syrup, beautiful bright colors, perfect!  I think we all came to love sweetened condensed milk on our shave ice.IMG_2009

I tried a poi doughnut.  Much tastier than just plan poi.  Plus they were all purple and cute, I had to have one.

Once we were all fed and sugared up, it was time to head to Disney’s Aulani Resort!!  Image

Despite a long exhausting day, my crazy kid still had to get in the pool!  I was just the picture taker.  Thank goodness for Dad’s and Aunties.

Aulani at night was quite the site.  I was just stunned by the gorgeous lighting and amazing architecture.  I couldn’t wait to go to bed so I could soak it all in the next day.

ImageTomorrow will be a recap of just Aulani!

Hope you are all having a great week!! xoxo


Hawaii Day 3! Beach Park, Pancakes, PCC, Poi, & Pork!

Welcome to Day 3 of our Hawaiian Adventure!

The day started off with a beautiful run all around the trails and beaches of Turtle Bay.Image

Sweaty Sweaty good times.  We were so not used to the humidity!  It looked like we went swimming instead of running.


Chilling on top of a WWII bunker that we found out on one of the trails.Image

We also found a giant banyan tree.  So cool!

Alright, enough running, I’m starving!!Image

Time for breakfast!!  We went to this little place called Papa Ole’s that is near the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Thank you friends for suggesting it!  They give you like 10 pieces of bacon!Image

And HELLO!  Look at this delicious pancake stack!  We got chocolate chip macadamia nut and the were insane.  So fluffy, perfect, and doused in a creamy custard like sauce.  The pancakes of my dreams!Image

After a tasty carb fest we dropped Val and her Aunties off at Kokololio Beach Park while Cam and I went back to the resort to get the PCC tickets…because I forgot them:)

But I’m so glad I was an airhead, look at this beautiful beach the girls were able to explore!




Not a soul  around!ImageImage

I love these pics!  Image

Ok, moving on to the Polynesian Cultural Center!  It is so pretty in there.Image

We went around to all the villages and watched the presentations.Image

I quite enjoyed the ones that gave you sticks to play with:)


This dude here, totally inspired me to want to process coconuts at home!  He drained the water, shaved the meat, squeezed the milk out, and then started the process of making coconut oil. Amazing!  I have to try this out.Image

Body paint tattoos!  These are so cool…and so staining.  Beware not to get it on your clothing!Image

I should have opted for a face tattoo!  It would have saved my dress!

Haha, love these two:)Image

Awe, precious.  I think they cued the dudes to tell their lady how lovely they are:)Image

Valie got a passport at the beginning of our day and she got a stamp at every village.  It was fun for her and she got cute little pins at the end.Image

This dude climbed a coconut tree, very impressive.Image

We also learned how they greet each other in Aotearoa.  I think I like the whole nose/forehead smushy thing.Image

The water pageant was lots of fun!  It was like a little preview of the show we would see that night.  My fave is of course the Tahitian girlies.Image

They had a poi tasting station as well.  I’m not a fan :).  Reminds me of starchy baby food. As an ingredient in something else it’s great.  Alone…not so much.


Oooooo we also saw a traditional Tahitian wedding ceremony.  So cool to see the different traditions.



The day went by way too fast!  We barely had time to squeeze in the movie and a canoe ride at the end of our day.  My suggestion would be to skip the movie and do something else like hula or spear throwing.  The theater itself is super cool, but he movie is a snoozefest.Image

After a day of touring it was luau time!!  We did the dining and show with our entrance ticket.  I highly recommend it.  The food was good, the dinner entertainment was fun, and it was the perfect break before the big show.


Ha Breath of Life is the main attraction at night.  The dancing was wonderful.  I wasn’t a fan of the story, but was still completely entertained.  My family liked it as well.  We all had way too much pork though and the last 20 minutes none of us could stay awake.  I think this was the latest we stayed up the whole trip!

When we got back to the resort, I hardly remember anything.  Zzzzzzzzz.ImageAnd that is the end of day 3!!  Hope you are enjoying our crazy antics!  Tomorrow is Kuloa Ranch, and Asian casino, and Disney’s Aulani!!



Hawaii Day 2!

Day 2 in Hawaii!  I was so excited for our first real day on vacation I could hardly stand it!  I wanted to wake up early and run and I was up before my alarm even got close to 4:30am!  This pattern of waking up at insanely early times would continue for the majority of the trip.  Island time was a rough adjustment for me.  But it sure made for some beautiful running conditions.  Cam joined me on my first run and I’m so glad he did.  It was pitch black and they don’t exactly have modern lighting on the North Shore.


Nothing like running into the sunrise to start the day!  There is also nothing like the giant snails waiting by our condo 🙂


Everyone was up and ready to go by 7am! That seriously never happens back home.  But we had big plans for some souvenir shopping and lots of fun activities just waiting for us.

This is the face I make when I have a delicious breakfast in my hands and I’m about to shop shop shop!! 🙂


If you go to Honolulu you must go to the swap meet at Aloha Stadium!  It’s open Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.  They have the best prices on souvenirs and tons of little booths with everything you would ever want to buy in Hawaii.


While the girls shopped for jewelry, clothing, keychains, fans, etc.  Cam shopped for coconuts.  Getting a fresh coconut hacked open with a machete is a must at least once in Hawaii.


As much as I adore coconut, the pineapple is #1 in my heart.  Check out this beauty!!  I wanted to buy this pineapple soooooo bad.  But considering I had just purchased a whole case, I thought it might be excessive.


My favorite booth at the swap meet!!  Rows and rows and rows of colorful, hawaiian, unique, gorgeous candies!  A bag or two…or 15 may have come home in my suitcase:)


Ok, so after we were done shopping up a storm, it was time for a surfing lesson.  I purchased vouchers off of livingsocial before our trip and scheduled with Blue Rush surfing school.  Our lesson was in Haleiwa on the North Shore.  We had a short instruction on the beach.


Basically they told us to push up, scoot our knees up, stand up, bend your knees, keep your arms out for balance, and try to look as cool as possible without falling off the board.  Sure…no prob.


My heart was palpitating as we started paddling out.  This whole surfing thing was completely new to me and I was pretty nervous.


The first wave Cameron and I both crashed:).  But Valie did great!  Way better than her parents.  Luckily it only took a couple waves before we were all up and surfing!!  It was seriously one of the most amazing feelings ever!


My sis-in-laws chilled on the beach and watched turtles while we took our lesson.  It was the perfect day for surfing and sunning!Image

Val and Cam are waiting for me to catch a wave.  We had to paddle way out to catch good waves, so you can’t see me.  I’m behind that big white wave 🙂Image

Our instructors were great!  Total surfer dudes and lots of fun.  If you are ever in the market for a Hawaiian surf lesson give Blue Rush a try.Image

So after our lesson it was definitely time for a frozen treat.  SHAVE ICE!!!

Our surfing lesson also came with shave ice, how cool is that?  And to Masumotos!!!Image

This little place is famous and totally lives up to the hype.  The line was out the door, but it really wasn’t that bad.Image

I got sugar free strawberry, sugar free vanilla, and coconut cream, with sweeten condensed milk!!  So I was half good and half naughty :).  It was seriously the best snow cone ever!Image

After our afternoon cool down we decided it was time to track down some real food.  There are tons of fun food trucks and shrimp shacks just past Turtle Bay.  We went to one called Giovanni’s.  I had a few of Cam’s shrimps and they were unbelievably tasty.Image

Happy, happy, family!!Image

Val and I had been snacky all day so we were in the mood for more snacky items.  Eggrolls and froyo of course!  That yogurt had macadamia nuts, pineapple, and coconut….so good!


After an early dinner we headed back to the resort to rest.  However, our darling daughter had other plans, like dragging us out to swim:).  Good thing Cam had a little energy left to play, I was about to fall asleep in the lounge chair.  That 4am run was catching up to me very quickly.  We were all in bed again by 8:30pm 🙂IMG_1934


That’s Day 2 of our Hawaiian adventure!!  Stay tuned tomorrow for good times at the Polynesian Cultural Center, a beach, giant pancakes, and a luau!!

Hawaii Finally!! Day 1

Hellllloooooo Blogosphere!!  K, I’ve been home from Hawaii for a week now and have not posted a thing!  Why?  Um, because I’ve been a crazy maniac over in this town I call Vickiedom.  But we won’t get into that.  Let’s just start this trip report!

Of course you cannot leave for vay-cay with out a fabulous set of nails!  I’m the sparkle yellow, Val is the white and pink.


So we left SLC on a very early flight, 6am.  I only slept for about 2 hours the night before:)  But I was still super excited!


We had a layover in San Francisco so I decided to make the hubs workout a bit in the mostly deserted terminal.  Yes, I realize that I was wearing wedges.  I know I’m nuts, and I’ve come to accept that:)

We ended up waiting forever for the plane, and then it got delayed, and the flight there felt like a million years, and I couldn’t wait to just get there already!



When we arrived in Honolulu we headed to Costco first of course.  I got this tip from a travel board and since we were staying in a condo with a kitchen for the first few days it was the perfect place to stock up on some items.

Like pineapple of course!  We bought a case of large pineapples and ate one everyday, it was amazing.  The Costco pineapples are the Dole ones and they are fantastic.  Don’t pay $4 for the tiny bag they sell on the side of the road.


When we finally arrived at our resort and settled in, it was time for a little exploring by moonlight.  Valie was not going to be happy unless her feet hit the ocean before she went to bed!  So we took a lovely walk around Turtle Bay and went down to the beach so she could splash around for a minute.

By 8pm, we were all toast.  Zzzzzzzzzzz.


And that concludes the not very exciting first day of getting to Hawaii!  More posts will be coming soon, like tomorrow soon:).  Have a fab Monday everyone!!