Hawaii Finally!! Day 1

Hellllloooooo Blogosphere!!  K, I’ve been home from Hawaii for a week now and have not posted a thing!  Why?  Um, because I’ve been a crazy maniac over in this town I call Vickiedom.  But we won’t get into that.  Let’s just start this trip report!

Of course you cannot leave for vay-cay with out a fabulous set of nails!  I’m the sparkle yellow, Val is the white and pink.


So we left SLC on a very early flight, 6am.  I only slept for about 2 hours the night before:)  But I was still super excited!


We had a layover in San Francisco so I decided to make the hubs workout a bit in the mostly deserted terminal.  Yes, I realize that I was wearing wedges.  I know I’m nuts, and I’ve come to accept that:)

We ended up waiting forever for the plane, and then it got delayed, and the flight there felt like a million years, and I couldn’t wait to just get there already!



When we arrived in Honolulu we headed to Costco first of course.  I got this tip from a travel board and since we were staying in a condo with a kitchen for the first few days it was the perfect place to stock up on some items.

Like pineapple of course!  We bought a case of large pineapples and ate one everyday, it was amazing.  The Costco pineapples are the Dole ones and they are fantastic.  Don’t pay $4 for the tiny bag they sell on the side of the road.


When we finally arrived at our resort and settled in, it was time for a little exploring by moonlight.  Valie was not going to be happy unless her feet hit the ocean before she went to bed!  So we took a lovely walk around Turtle Bay and went down to the beach so she could splash around for a minute.

By 8pm, we were all toast.  Zzzzzzzzzzz.


And that concludes the not very exciting first day of getting to Hawaii!  More posts will be coming soon, like tomorrow soon:).  Have a fab Monday everyone!!




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