Hawaii Day 2!

Day 2 in Hawaii!  I was so excited for our first real day on vacation I could hardly stand it!  I wanted to wake up early and run and I was up before my alarm even got close to 4:30am!  This pattern of waking up at insanely early times would continue for the majority of the trip.  Island time was a rough adjustment for me.  But it sure made for some beautiful running conditions.  Cam joined me on my first run and I’m so glad he did.  It was pitch black and they don’t exactly have modern lighting on the North Shore.


Nothing like running into the sunrise to start the day!  There is also nothing like the giant snails waiting by our condo 🙂


Everyone was up and ready to go by 7am! That seriously never happens back home.  But we had big plans for some souvenir shopping and lots of fun activities just waiting for us.

This is the face I make when I have a delicious breakfast in my hands and I’m about to shop shop shop!! 🙂


If you go to Honolulu you must go to the swap meet at Aloha Stadium!  It’s open Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.  They have the best prices on souvenirs and tons of little booths with everything you would ever want to buy in Hawaii.


While the girls shopped for jewelry, clothing, keychains, fans, etc.  Cam shopped for coconuts.  Getting a fresh coconut hacked open with a machete is a must at least once in Hawaii.


As much as I adore coconut, the pineapple is #1 in my heart.  Check out this beauty!!  I wanted to buy this pineapple soooooo bad.  But considering I had just purchased a whole case, I thought it might be excessive.


My favorite booth at the swap meet!!  Rows and rows and rows of colorful, hawaiian, unique, gorgeous candies!  A bag or two…or 15 may have come home in my suitcase:)


Ok, so after we were done shopping up a storm, it was time for a surfing lesson.  I purchased vouchers off of livingsocial before our trip and scheduled with Blue Rush surfing school.  Our lesson was in Haleiwa on the North Shore.  We had a short instruction on the beach.


Basically they told us to push up, scoot our knees up, stand up, bend your knees, keep your arms out for balance, and try to look as cool as possible without falling off the board.  Sure…no prob.


My heart was palpitating as we started paddling out.  This whole surfing thing was completely new to me and I was pretty nervous.


The first wave Cameron and I both crashed:).  But Valie did great!  Way better than her parents.  Luckily it only took a couple waves before we were all up and surfing!!  It was seriously one of the most amazing feelings ever!


My sis-in-laws chilled on the beach and watched turtles while we took our lesson.  It was the perfect day for surfing and sunning!Image

Val and Cam are waiting for me to catch a wave.  We had to paddle way out to catch good waves, so you can’t see me.  I’m behind that big white wave 🙂Image

Our instructors were great!  Total surfer dudes and lots of fun.  If you are ever in the market for a Hawaiian surf lesson give Blue Rush a try.Image

So after our lesson it was definitely time for a frozen treat.  SHAVE ICE!!!

Our surfing lesson also came with shave ice, how cool is that?  And to Masumotos!!!Image

This little place is famous and totally lives up to the hype.  The line was out the door, but it really wasn’t that bad.Image

I got sugar free strawberry, sugar free vanilla, and coconut cream, with sweeten condensed milk!!  So I was half good and half naughty :).  It was seriously the best snow cone ever!Image

After our afternoon cool down we decided it was time to track down some real food.  There are tons of fun food trucks and shrimp shacks just past Turtle Bay.  We went to one called Giovanni’s.  I had a few of Cam’s shrimps and they were unbelievably tasty.Image

Happy, happy, family!!Image

Val and I had been snacky all day so we were in the mood for more snacky items.  Eggrolls and froyo of course!  That yogurt had macadamia nuts, pineapple, and coconut….so good!


After an early dinner we headed back to the resort to rest.  However, our darling daughter had other plans, like dragging us out to swim:).  Good thing Cam had a little energy left to play, I was about to fall asleep in the lounge chair.  That 4am run was catching up to me very quickly.  We were all in bed again by 8:30pm 🙂IMG_1934


That’s Day 2 of our Hawaiian adventure!!  Stay tuned tomorrow for good times at the Polynesian Cultural Center, a beach, giant pancakes, and a luau!!


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