Review: Pure LYFT

This week I was able to test out a new product called Pure LYFT.  The product is basically a caffeine boost that you can add to any beverage.  It comes packaged in these cute stir sticks.  All you have to do is peel off the sticker and stir into a drink for about 20 seconds.

I’m not a huge caffeine drinker, but as life goes on and more responsibilities start piling up, caffeine has become more appealing:).  This week was actually perfect timing for a little extra energy.  I used this product in my protein shake twice and it definitely did the trick.  I couldn’t taste any difference in my chocolate shake, but I certainly was perkier after drinking it.  Even after just 5 hours of sleep, I had plenty of pep to complete a very challenging workout.

Don’t ya just love how my nails matched the stir sticks??!  Total coincidence, but I was pretty amused.



Did I like this product, yes.  It was simple, easy, and provided a nice kick of perk.  Would I use it all the time, probably not.  Why?  I don’t feel like I need to be hyped up all the time.  I am a bit more sensitive to caffeine than the average person though, so this may be the perfect amount for someone else.  For me, it was a little too much.  Which is funny, since it was only 125mg, which basically a cup of coffee.  I’m guessing that I absorbed it quickly on an empty stomach and that is why I felt buzzed.  

I think Pure LYFT would be perfect for race days, long training sessions, and traveling.  These sticks would be perfect to pop in your bag and stir into any drink when you are feeling that travel drag.  I’d definitely love to stir one into a diet lemonade on hot day at a theme park!  

So if you are looking for some portable perk, you might want to give these a try:)


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