Hawaii Day 5! Hanging out at Disney’s Aulani!

Ok it’s official, I am the worst blogger ever!  I blog blog blog about the Hawaii trip and then…drop off the face of the Earth!  My apologies for being a spaz.  I am finishing up this trip report this week!  Pinky promise!

Let’s see I left off when we checked into Disney’s Aulani Resort.  K, I know I said it was beautiful, but let me say it one more time…BEAUTIFUL!  The rooms were comfortable and clean and the decor was lovely.  I slept so good!

So good, I was up at the crack of dawn once again.

I went to the gym, ran a 5k and then headed down to sunrise yoga!  Ah yoga, so peaceful, so calming…so NOT my thing:)  But I try to do it occasionally anyway.  And hey, when the view was as gorgeous as the one at Aulani, how can you not give yoga a shot?Image

After yoga I grabbed some breakfast and then headed back to the beach for a circuit training session.  The classes were all included with your stay!  It was seriously heaven for an exercise addict!

Once I had completely sweated myself into an oblivion it was time to swim!  Or snorkel, since that’s what baby girl wanted to do.Image

Aulani has an artificial reef called Rainbow Reef.  You can buy a day pass or a length of stay pass.  We bought the length of stay pass since we wanted to use it throughout our trip.Image

Warning, the water is COLD!  It definitely takes some getting used to.  I had to hang out for quite a while just to make sure that I wouldn’t hyperventilate once I was actually out there snorkeling.

Rainbow reef reminded of the set up they have at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, minus the sharks.  I actually think the whole experience would have been more fun with the addition of sharks, but I know that’s not as family friendly.Image

Time for some character spotting!

Well hello there Goofy!  Smoooooooches!

I just love tall, dark and big footed dudes:)Image

I definitely had more fun spotting characters than my kid.  I had to fish her out of the pools to take pics and then she was back in asap.Image

The week we were in Hawaii must have been a low time.  I had heard that Aulani gets so crowded you can find a chair anywhere and that there would be lines for everything.  Well, we lucked out then, because there were minimal guests.  It was totally serene.Image

I mean, hello!  I’m the only one in the infinity pool!  It was perfect.Image

So after an insanely lovely day and waaaaaay too much sun.  We got all cleaned up and headed out to find sustenance.  But not before taking a pic with the Aulani sign:)Image

We ended up grabbing dinner at a deli and then indulging in a little ice cream.  Oh did I say little, I meant large…large ice cream.  Oh my gosh it was so good.  We got all tropical flavors with lots of sauce and whipped cream, eeeeee!Image

And how do you end a perfectly perfect day at Aulani?  While stories by the fire pit of course!  Sorry my phone pics are terrible.

This charming older gentleman sang, told stories, and entertained us around the fire. Image

The night was so still and quiet.  It didn’t even feel real.  I guess that’s why they call it paradise.Image

At the end of the story time, they even had all the kids come up and “blow out” the fire.Image

Poof!  Oh I just love Disney magic!  Seriously, love it!Image

Ok time for bed!  But one more pic in the lobby first!!

K K, now we can go to bed:)

See ya in the morning for more Hawaii fun!!Image


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