Hawaii Day 6: Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Shave Ice, & Starlit Hui!

Day 6 of our Hawaiian adventure was very busy.  We were all up pretty bright and early, ready to take on another day in paradise.  I headed to the gym, while the family spent a little more time poolside.

I ran a bunch on the treadmill and then decided to give some of the weight equipment a try.  Um, I couldn’t find a taller box jump to stand on, so I improvised:).  Several dudes watched me like I was a crazy person.  But I had to get my pull ups done! #shortgirlproblems


After the gym I headed out to the beach for a little bit of boot camp.  Working out in the sand is hard!  I got my booty handed to me every class because the sand was just such a challenge for me.  Of course that is a good thing.  I had to burn off all those treats!


So after a nice morning, we all got cleaned up and headed over to Pearl Harbor.  Did you know that you can reserve tickets to the USS Arizona online?  There is a $1.50 processing fee, but then you don’t have to get there super early and stand in a giant line.  Totally worth the buck fifty.


Valie got a nice history lesson.


It was crazy to think that I had been here 12 years ago.



So cool to visit the memorial again.Image

After Pearl Harbor, we grabbed some lunch to fuel up for our next activity.

A little afternoon hike up Diamond Head!

I was pretty stoked about this activity.  It’s not everyday you get to hike a giant volcanic crater!


We hiked up up up, and then through some dark tunnel, and up up up some more.Image

And then, Woohoo!  We made it to the top!  It wasn’t that far, a little steep at times, and dark, but a nice quick hike with an amazing view.


We took a bunch of pictures!


It was so cool to look out over the city and the beach and the actual crater.  I highly recommend adding this to a Hawaiian itinerary!


Alright, now that we are all sweaty…again, time for a refreshment.Image

SHAVE ICE!!  What did people do before iPhones and urbanspoon?  I’m guessing they didn’t eat as much shave ice and drove around in circles a lot:)


After shave ice and a long traffic filled drive back to Aulani, we were all pretty tired, but we couldn’t miss the Starlit Hui!  Aulani does a fun show a couple nights a week for guests.  We could see the stage and hear the music from our balcony!


We didn’t really care if we were close to the stage, but if you had little kids I would get there early so they can see better.  Our party was there more for the experience and atmosphere.


They lay out mats for your family to sit on and everything, so fun.


Singers and dancers come out and entertain the crowd.Image

The ukulele guys were pretty awesome!


After the show a big dance party started.  Characters came out and a DJ, it was lots of fun.  We danced for a bit before heading out for a late dinner.  It was a great way to end another action packed day.


Hope everyone is having a great week!!  See ya soon with Day 7 of our trip!!


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