Day 8 Hawaii: Last Day in Paradise

Our last day in Hawaii was unlike the usual last day of vacation.  We had a really late flight…really really late.  But that meant we could spend the day finishing up any things that we missed or still wanted to do.

Of course I had to get my calorie burn on.

Take that delicious pina coladas:)Image

Have I mentioned yet how sweaty I was in Hawaii?  I think I did early on in my trip report, but I’ll tell ya again, SWEATY!!  You see those sweat marks?!  Oh man.Image

After my lovely sweat fest it was time to pack up:(.  Getting everything ready to go took most of the morning.  But as soon as we were loaded up, it was off to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet!  This was a double take for us.  The first time we just didn’t buy as much as we wanted since it was so early in our trip.  But as we shopped other gift places it was crystal clear that we had to go back.  Same stuff at a fraction of the cost.

Val loaded up on key chains, jewelry, and other trinkets.  I was just there for the candy:)Image

Shopping worked up an appetite, so afterward we tried out a ramen shop.  This was actually my first time in a noodle place and I couldn’t believe how huge the ramen bowls were.  One bowl could feed Val, Cam, and myself! Image

When we were done with our last minute shopping and lunching we headed back to Aulani to hang out for the rest of the day.  The resort allows guests to still use all the amenities on check out day.  They even have a specific lounge for guest checking out to shower, print boarding passes, and just chill.  I love Disney hospitality.

One thing we had to do before we left was the Menehune Hunt.  They give you an iPad with the game on it.  It starts automatically and tells you places to go all over the resort while also setting off a bit of magic at every stop.  Image

Our first stop was in the lobby.  I never noticed this little guy before playing the game!  He was right above our heads.  Once you find him and press the screen on the iPad, a fun surprise happens! All of the little surprises were adorable.Image

One of my favorite magical items on the hunt was this little statue.  It makes a bunch of noise and then pops out a kukui nut.  So fun.Image

Here is Val inside the volcano, you know, just saving the world:)Image

K. While Val was still Menehune hunting, I was stalking Chip and Dale.  I just refuse to act my age 🙂ImageThese little boys were totally mesmerized when Valie set off the magic by the splash pad.  They had no idea that she made it happen.  I miss that age of truly believing in magic.  It was so cute to witness.

ImageTime was starting to run low by now, but Val had to get one last swim in.  I just soaked up a bit more sun and checked out the lounge.  I even signed the guest book:)Image

When it was time to say goodbye to our beloved Hawaii, Aulani, and vacation, we saw the giant group of Japanese tourists that had been at the luau with us the night before.  They were hilarious to watch.  Look at all those matching outfits!  There were seriously like 500 of them.  The ladies even had look-a-like haircuts.  ImageAh, and I didn’t take anymore pics after that, because going home is seriously not exciting.  It was an amazing trip though and I have so many wonderful memories from it.  Thanks for reliving it with me on my blog!

Feel free to shoot me any questions you have about Turtle Bay, Aulani, the activities we did, or just Oahu stuff!

Have a fabulous Thursday!!



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