Girls on the Run 5k

This year was my second time coaching Girls on the Run at my daughters school.  I love getting to know girls in grades other than Valerie’s.  There are so many cute girls at her school and I was privileged to coach them and spend time with them every Monday.

The 5k was at Sugar House Park again this year.  I’m not sure how much longer they will be able to pull this venue off.  The program is getting so big!  It was like a pink explosion!


We painted faces, did temporary tattoos, glitter, and hair accessories.  The girls had tons of fun.Image

The race course was packed!  I’d love to see an early race and then a later race, just to help give the runners some breathing room.


I also wish we would have tied florescent yellow or green ribbons in our girls hair.  It was impossible to spot Oakwood girls in the sea of pink.  I even lost Val a couple of times, but I figured as long as I kept going, I would run into her eventually:)


When I see these pics of us together I can’t believe how grown up my baby is!  I think 5th grade will be the year she catches me in height.


My girl finished the race in 38:40.  So proud of her!  Even with the crowd she pushed herself and ran a fantastic race!  So glad to call this cutie mine.


Today is Valerie’s first official day of summer!!  I’m sure I will be posting all about our crazy antics.

Happy Friday Everyone!




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