Summer Food: Healthy vs NOT!

Summer is by far my favorite season.  I love everything about it, even the scorching heat.  One of the fabulous things that comes with summer is the seasonal food items.  I do a garden every year and look forward to all the fresh veggies. But all those beautiful fresh items always have some unhealthy competition that just taunt me!

So the goal for the summer is to make more healthy choices than unhealthy.  I introduced Miss Valie to the wonderful world of smoothie joints.  I absolutely love that they now have 100% fruit smoothies as well as “green” smoothies on the menu.  My favorite is the Lean Green from Roxberry, only 170 calories in the giant 32 oz, LOVE.


Now that it’s getting warmer I’m sticking to mostly salads in my meal prepping.  Quick, easy, and no cooking.  I’m not going to lie though, Valerie’s pb&j and pasta based lunches are tempting the carboholic in me.



My families favorite warm weather treat has to be shaved ice.  We have been going to these little shacks since before Val could walk.  I try to get the stevia sweetened ones most of the time, but this girl has a hard time resisting the cream topping.  Oh and a little coconut on top too:)


Of course the fam doesn’t do sugar free.  OMG I tasted theirs after eating mine…shame!  Real sugar is my drug of choice!  My sugar free version was great before I tasted the good stuff.  Note to self: quit tasting everything!


I have found some good substitutes for my usually sugary fare.  My new favorite yogurt is the Light and Fit Greek.  Only 80 calories, SCORE!  I top them with fruit and it almost beats my ice cream cravings…almost.


UGH, the struggle of having my cutie home for the summer!!  “Mommy let’s play Goofy’s Candy Company!”  Who says no to that?  Apparently not me.  Do you see these insane chocolate covered rice crispy treats and the crazy amount of candy covering them??!  Yeah, these are going in the freezer and will have to be consumed by my family when I am not in the house.


As I write this little post about my inner summer food struggle I am eating fat free cottage cheese and an apple.  But I am dreaming about this amazing place that just moved to Northern Utah called Swig.  Um yeah, you must go, you just must.  They have all kinds of tasty beverages, but I went for the shaved ice of course.  Oh, and a sugar cookie:).  Sometimes, it’s just worth it.


Alrighty, now that we have hashed that out.

What are your strategies for staying on the healthy train this summer??

Please share, I am need suggestions! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Summer Food: Healthy vs NOT!

  1. I try to plan my indulgences on days where I have more intense workouts. It tends to spur me on to work a little bit harder if I know I am going to indulge in my planned treat afterwards! Otherwise, I am in the same boat as you! lol.

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