Back at it with Meal Prep!

Ok, so I was a major roll with fitness and nutrition for a couple of months.  Everything was great, results were amazing, and then ya know, I tripped, fell in the mud, and am still trying to wash the dirt out of my hair:).  Oooo that was a good analogy, haha!  

This weekend I really decided that I needed to quit doing this! (See pic below)


And start back up doing this! (again, see pic below:))

Treats are my weakness!  It takes me a good 5-7 days to really detox from them.  So if I am crazy for no reason this week, you will know it is due to treat withdrawal.

I finally got a whole week of meal prep done!  My families meals are the ones on the top and middle, mine are on the bottom.  I don’t always meal prep for everyone, but it’s a busy week and I needed the extra leg up.  



I am also playing around with myfitnesspal for the first time.  I usually track my food for the first half of the day and then get busy and don’t finish.  So I’m hoping that the novelty will of myfitnesspal will last long enough for me to get on a roll again:)  My Spartan Race is in 12 days!  Gotta get my diet cleaned up for optimal performance!  

Wish me luck:)  

Hope your Tuesday is fantastic!!


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