Spartan Race Tips & Traverse Wall Video

So yesterday I did my little recap of the Spartan Beast and today I thought I would post all of the tips that worked for me, things that I would have done differently, and one thing that I need ideas on.

But first, look at my cute medal!!  I love it!  I think it matches my pink shorts and lavender toenails, don’t you? 🙂Image

Ok, tip #1 wear spandex!!

If you do nothing else, do this.  I wore shorts that were mid thighish and they were perfect.  They didn’t collect much water or mud, dried quickly, and didn’t stretch out.  The hubs on the other hand, I hope he’s taking note of my spandex tip:).

I will get a tighter and shorter shirt for next time.  This top is great but it basically became a dress after my 4 time through the mud.  So the name of the game is minimal and tight and make sure your material is synthetic, NO COTTON!IMG_2418

Tip #2 Hydrate the day before

I always hydrate the day before a long race.  I drink around 12-14 cups of water throughout the day.  Yes I pee a lot, but it really helps on race day.  Spartan had water stations but if you were walk-running and taking your time, those station can take a while to get to.  Also, Spartan does not provide sports drinks on course.  They have SALT shakers.  Yeah you read that right and yes, it’s pretty gross.  I drank my free gatorade before the race and was fine.  But there’s your heads up in case you are expecting a sports drink station.

Tip #3 If you need to fuel, bring your own

If you know you need a glucose boost after a couple hours of exercise, make sure to bring a well packaged supplement.  Spartan does NOT provide fuel.  For girls I think you could easily tuck a gel or packet of chews under the back of your sports bra.  I’ve also seen spandex shorts with a slim pocket that is super small and can fit one gel.


Tip #4 Sunscreen!

I applied liberally before the race and still got a bit red.

Tip #5 Bring a bag with the following suggested items..

A complete change of clothes, flip flops, baby wipes, deodorant, extra snacks, water, sanitizer, triple antibiotic ointment, bandaids, ibuprofen, comb, towel, sweatshirt, lotion (my skin was insanely dry), chapstick, and cash.

Tip #6 Arrive with your spectators.

We didn’t arrive with our family and it was impossible to coordinate with them.  Next time I would arrive together, go over the course and map out the course together so they know where to see you and the order of the obstacles.  Also, they can keep track of your bag for you and you don’t have to pay the $5 🙂

Tip #7 The down low on the free spectator ticket that is included with Living Social and    Groupon!

I looked everywhere to see where we were supposed to get the spectator ticket that is included when you bought the spartan race entry from Living Social and couldn’t find an answer anywhere.  I even emailed Spartan twice and received no answer.  Well here is the answer.  Your spectator just needs to give your name at the spectator registration table and they will have a list.  They check off your name and let them in free.  Otherwise it’s $25 at the door ($20 online).  But hey, kids are free.IMG_2432


Alright, so those are all the things I can think of right now:).

Now here’s my one Spartan horror story and I seriously need to think of a solution for this!  After finishing the race I was completely coated in mud and very cold.  I was waiting in line for the hoses to wash off and I was getting so cold I started to shake.  The shaking was incontrollable and got pretty bad.  By the time I got to a hose I could hardly grip the handle.  Oh yeah, and the water was pure ice.  I was pretty much shaking, screaming, and hyperventilating.  I hosed off as much as I could until I literally thought I was going to go into shock.  Cam said my hands and lips were blue and my skin was totally white.  I started to breath quickly and erratically and couldn’t form a sentence.  I panicked a bit but luckily my brother in law hustled my toward the asphalt that was hot from the sun and I just lied on it to get warm.  It took me a good 20 minutes to come to my senses enough to make it to a changing area and get out of my wet clothes.  Afterward I had crazy muscle cramps and felt like I had just completed the whole race again!

So I’m trying to think of what I can do so this doesn’t happen.  My first thought was to go straight to the power wash station and have someone use the high pressure washer.  It would be faster and the line wasn’t as long.  But the water would still be ice.  My second idea is to get a portable shower and keep it in the car!  Other than that, I don’t know how to fix the problem I had.  I’m open to all suggestions.  Please send them my way if you have any!

Ok ok, enough drama.  Let’s end this post with a little video shall we?!  This is me doing the traverse wall after I recovered from my popsicle stage.  I saw lots of people fail this obstacle so I thought I’d show ya how I did it.

That’s all for today kids!  Have a fab day!!


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