Orlando/Universal Studios Day 1

Hey there stranger!  I hope you are ready for a marathon of blogging from yours truly!  I am back from our trip to Orlando and I have tons to tell you!  This trip was mostly business for my hubby, but we managed to squeeze in quite a bit of fun as well. Our first day in Orlando was just registration for Cam’s conference so we headed to Universal right after to hit up all the awesome attractions. Val had super cute Simpson’s nails to match the new Springfield that opened up not too long ago.  I actually think I was equally excited about Springfield as I was for Diagon Alley, go figure. We went to Island’s Of Adventure first.  Hit up the coasters and super hero rides.  Then we moved over to the Jurassic Park area.  Since my girly just finished paleontology camp, she was very into the whole theme. IMG_2603IMG_0906 The Jurassic Park indoor area was super crowded since it decided to pour rain.  So Val explored all the little thingies they had.  She even cross bred herself with a dinosaur.  Haha, kind of creepy, but she was fully entertained:) IMG_0904IMG_0907 Ok, now I’m going to skip ahead to Springfield over at Universal Studios because I’m lazy and don’t want to rearrange my pics:).  We took the Hogwarts Express over to US, OMG I can’t wait to tell ya about that…so cool!  But first… I just loved how they did Springfield!  There are so many details and the humor is fantastic.  I took lots of pics and I’m planning on a whole post just for Simpson’s pics.  But for now I will just highlight our afternoon. IMG_0928IMG_0930 We had a late lunch on Fast Food Blvd which had restaurants like Krusty Burger, the Frying Dutchman, and Moe’s Tavern.  We all took a turn at the Love Tester!  Ummmm I got “Cold Fish”!  Clearly this is a very smart machine since I am anything but a casanova:) IMG_2632IMG_2633 I may not be romantic but there is one thing I know…DESSERTS!  Look at this pink glazed beauty!  And let me tell you, it was delicious.  I may or may not have eaten 3/4 of this myself. IMG_0945IMG_2627 Oh yes, and we had to order The Clogger!  It’s basically a double cheese burger with bacon on steroids. This is definitely a meal to share.  I forgot to get a shot of our Buzz Cola!  It’s just cherry coke, but you get to feel all special drinking it in Moe’s Tavern. Fittingly we rode the Twirl N’ Hurl right after 🙂 IMG_0941IMG_0958 There are tons of fun photo ops in Springfield!  I enjoyed taking pictures and just looking around more than the actual rides. IMG_0960 Oh my child.  We are moving into the crazy pose/face stage.  Gotta love her. IMG_0951 It really was like walking into a cartoon. IMG_0935 Alrighty, moving along.  Let’s go back to that whole Hogwarts Express thing!  The London facade was perfect!  It looked so much like the movie.  You scan your park ticket at the station since you have to have a park hopper to ride and then make your way to the platform.  I have to say, this is the most clever way to milk more money out of vacationers that I have ever seen!  Kudos to the dude/dudette that thought up this genius plan. And look at this sign!  I was jumping up and down.  It was just so exciting and felt so real!  I had to explain the sign to my husband and kid!  How could they have not remembered!  What a travesty 🙂 IMG_0923IMG_0920 When we finally got to Platform 9 3/4 I was literally spazing out.  Seeing the Hogwarts Express pulling up to the platform was insanely cool! IMG_0914 I took a little video while I was getting on the train for the first time.  Please ignore my high pitched excited voice.  I know it’s annoying, but I just can’t help myself.  I think my voice goes up an octave when I ‘m trying to contain excitement but it’s trying to explode out of me. Ok, a few more Harry Potter pics. Grimmauld Place! And of course a frozen Butterbeer.  Mmmmm so good.  Especially when the cream on top gets all frozen like ice cream about half way through your drinking experience and you just want to smash your face in it.  Oh wait, that’s just me…K…well you should really try it 🙂 IMG_0925IMG_2618 Have I mentioned how much I love this little nugget?  Sometimes a mama just has to snap random pics of their babies adorableness. IMG_2620 Eeeeeee! It’s the Night Bus!!  Oh my goodness they should make this a ride someday! IMG_0924IMG_2638 And lastly for today…Honeydukes! I could stare at this wall all day. IMG_0912 I bought some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans to entertain us while waiting in lines.  An excellent way to pass the time.  I however forgot that these were “Every Flavor” for the first few candies and freaked out when I thought I was going to be eating peach and it wound up being spaghetti.  GROSS!  And the flavor just lingered in my mouth, ewe. I didn’t get a pic of the spaghetti one but I did get shots of these two.  The one on the left is dish soap and the one on the right was some kind of vegetable soup or something.  See the tiny nibble?  Yeah, that’s how I went about eating these. IMG_0927IMG_2622 That is all I have for today! Tune in tomorrow for more Universal Studios antics! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!


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