Day 2 Orlando/Universal

Our second day in Orlando, we decided to hit up Universal early in the morning since Cam had meetings in the afternoon.  It was definitely an early wake up call since we were still on Utah time.  Riding simulators and coasters when your body thinks it’s 6am, not always the best plan.

But Miss Val just loved the Despicable Me ride and I have to say it is pretty cute and funny.  This ride always had a massive line so you have to ride it early in the morning unless you don’t mind 90 minute waits.

My favorite ride had to be the Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket.  Everyone gets to pick their own song to play while they ride, so fun.  We rode this one back to back times since there was zero line, score:)


A fun spot we found was the Fievel Goes West play area.  I’m sure it was meant for little kiddos, but I’m really immature and loved it.  There are lots of water features and tons of things to climb.  I was dying to climb all the ropes, but alas…wore a dress and didn’t feel like flashing the other mom’s.

Val and I did do the water slide though!


Ok, time for some Spongebob!  I just love how Spongebob is cute, gross, and ridiculous all at the same time.  I mean come on, he lives in a pineapple and has a pet snail named Gary.  How can you not love that?:)

IMG_1005  IMG_2658



One thing I found interesting about Universal is that the parades don’t actually move.  They just roll out to an open space and do a little show.  Kinda weird, but I don’t think many people come to Universal for parades so they require less crowd disbursement.  Unlike Disney, where parades require an overnight campout.

I loved how the characters just came down from their floats after the “parade” and did pictures.  OMG if Disney attempted that, there would be riots in the street for sure!  Haha, I can just see it.  It’d be like black friday and the $99 laptop would be a picture with Anna and Elsa!!


Totally went off track there for a moment, sorry.  Back to more characters!

You would not believe how excited I was when I saw Side Show Bob chillin’ by the graffiti wall.  He was the first Simpson character we saw and yeah…I bounded toward him like a crazy person.

And then oh my goodness! Homer and Lisa!  (Insert squeal of delight here) I adore Lisa Simpson.  I told her that I want to be just like her when I grow up:)

They were standing outside of the Simpson RV!  And guess what?  The RV actually works and moves around the park!


Alright, so much excitement.  Carbs were needed.  PB and J cupcake!


Universal really knows how to set a scene.  The streets were so much fun to explore.  We even found the perfect photo op for Mr. Pharmacist:)


I’m just tossing a bunch of random photos right in the middle of this blog post, because I can:)  Do you like my blue tongue?!  Blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers had to be eaten while waiting in lines.


We didn’t do many shows at the park, but if there is anything involving animals, I must see it.  The animal show was cute, but it made me miss my little fur baby.  So Val and I loved on this cutie after the show.


After we had thoroughly worn ourselves out that morning it was time to head back to the hotel/conference.

I blogged about McKesson last year and how family friendly they are.  They give all family members badges and allow them to attend everything.  Not that Val and I wanted to sit through CE stuff or sessions on pharmacy things we know nothing about, but it’s cool to know you can hang out with family.

Oh man, the best thing about McKesson though…the food!  That night we went to an open floor/party event and it was way fun.  Cam was running around talking, getting info, being productive, while Val and I  were ummm, eating everything in site.

Whoever decided on the potato chip nacho bar, they need a raise.

IMG_2667   IMG_2670

Ah and a cheese area!  Heaven.

I did eat some veggies too.  They had chinese take out boxes for salad.  How darn cute is that?!  And if the drinks are green they must be healthy right?


One box of salad, done.  Desserts? Yes please!


On our way back to the room we stopped at the Koi pond.  This would become a theme for pretty much every time we left the room.  Val loved those dumb fish.  Haha, I suppose it’s the little things in life that can bring the most joy.


See ya tomorrow! XO


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