Day 4 Orlando

Wake up, wake up, wake up! Time to start the day with a run!  A sweaty, sweaty, sweaty run.  Day 4 in Orlando I did another long bout on the treadmill since I knew we were going to an end of conference party that night and there would be lots of fabulously fatty stuff I wanted to consume.  I was basically a puddle after that workout.  My entire outfit except the very hem of my shirt was drenched.  I grossed myself out, I can’t imagine what all the other gym goers were thinking.


When I got back to the room I found this.  Apparently she had gone to breakfast with Cam and then fell right back asleep, face down, zzzzz.  I decided not to disturb her and let her get a bit more sleep since I planned on staying out late having some F-U-N



When lunch time finally rolled around though, I was starving and had to wake sleeping beauty.  Oh how I loved not having to worry about cooking or even finding a restaurant.  McKesson is the man.  They had minions and mini desserts at lunch!

IMG_2714 IMG_2715

The rest of the afternoon Val and I goofed around, went swimming and waited for Dr. Dawson to finish up some conference stuff.  I was like an impatient child waiting for the evening to come because McKesson was hosting a party at Universal and it was going to be awesome.


When it was finally party time we got our cute lanyards and tickets and boarded a bus to Universal.  We had park to park access from 4-close so we hit up some rides before the dinner.  Thank goodness we rode the coasters before eating:)

Antojitos is one of the new restaurants on City Walk.  McKesson had a food set up in there that was very tasty.  But honestly I wish I had wandered around more before eating a giant plate of mexican food.  There were soooooo many food options, it was foodie heaven.

IMG_2716 IMG_2717

Love that they had a red carpet, adorbz.


They had everything from paella, to seafood, to bbq.  Oh but I loved the mini burger station and the hot dog station.  Probably just because we were in a theme park.

The food was so good I tried to restrain my sweet tooth.  But if it has coconut, I must eat it.  These little coconut cuties were so good, can’t believe I stuck to just one.

IMG_1021 IMG_1024

Thank goodness I did!  We found an incredible cheese display, another one of my favorite things. And don’t look now but yes…coconut shrimp!  Cheese and coconut shrimp in the Karaoke Lounge!  It doesn’t get any better.  See my crazy face?  That is pure foodie joy right there:)


K, by now i was literally going to explode.  Thank goodness there were balloon guys on stilts to distract me from eating anything else.


When the dinner party part was over we headed to Springfield to ride the Simpsons and then over to Diagon Alley to wonder a bit.  Diagon Alley was surprisingly uncrowded.  We were the only ones in the owlery!

IMG_1025   IMG_1050

We explored Knockturn Alley as well without crowds.  It was so cool and creepy and amazing.  I’ll do a post of just Harry Potter pics later.  I took a ton.

IMG_1049 IMG_1042


When the park closed I swear I was more full than when dinner ended.  It was definitely time to head back to the hotel and go into a food coma.  Which is exactly what I did.

Ta-da, end of Day 4!  Tomorrow we move over to the new Universal hotel Cabana Bay!  See ya then!


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