Japan Adventure Part 1

 Hey there everyone!  Happy Monday!  It’s taken me long enough to figure out why I couldn’t upload my pictures to the blog!  I’m outta space, ugh.  Guess I better get savvy and learn how to make my pics smaller:).  But until then I’m just deleting duplicates and boring stuff to squeeze in a few more posts, haha.

Let’s get to this trip report!  We left SLC on a Wednesday and were super excited to be heading out on this amazing adventure. So excited that we all only slept a few hours then night before.  I basically took a nap and then ran a bunch of miles because I knew I would be sitting on a plane for a very long time.  I’m not very good at sitting still for long periods.  I get quite irritable, antsy, and downright annoying.  So the more wiggles I can get out before having to hold still, the better.

This is the age we live in.  Charging away before we take off.



I did bring some non electronic entertainment as well.  We had a little cry baby challenge on the flight.  Who ever dissolved off the sour from 2 pieces first, chewed their gum, and blew a bubble was the winner.  I won:).  These really aren’t as sour as I remember though.  Or I’m just getting old and my taste buds are not as sharp.


Jumping ahead 14 hours!  We made it to Japan!  I actually survived, it was a miracle.  We took care of currency, luggage, reserved train tickets, and headed to the first hotel.  

Our #1 priority though was find real food!  Luckily there was a ramen shop right across from our hotel.  From what I remember it was pretty good.  But I was delirious from being awake for 2 days straight so you probably could have fed me anything I would said it was great:)


When we got back to the hotel I was ready and in bed in literally 2 minutes.  I fell asleep and didn’t move for 8 hours.  Of course after those 8 hours…it was 4am.  I was wide awake.  So I did a little workout in the room, figured out how to use the water warming gadget, made tea, drank tea, organized our bags, watched tv, and waited very impatiently for a normal hour to roll around.


We had plenty of time to get ready and wander the hotel, which was nice.  There were some lovely areas.


We also sent Cam to the Sev to pick up breakfast.  OMG the convenience stores in Japan are awesome!  They were one of my favorite things, seriously.  Strawberry milk, yes please.  And interestingly enough they do cream and jelly instead of peanut butter.  It was really good.  Not very nutritious but really good.

IMG_1089 IMG_0361

We headed to the train station after checking out and I loved how everywhere is like a mall!  Not kidding.  Stores and food are just everywhere.  It was pretty much heaven for a foodie shopaholic like myself.  

Our first encounter with plastic food was fun!  Total tourists.  But it is just so cute!


Quite a long train ride later we arrived in Kyoto.  We were checking into a traditional Japanese ryokan.  These places are small, usually run by families, cook you Japanese meals, and have all the traditional provisions.

I was pretty tickled to see my name in the welcome area, despite the spelling:)

IMG_1105 IMG_1098

When we checked in, a cute little Japanese grandma showed us our room and even dressed Valie.  Val felt like a total princess having someone dress her and tell her a million times how kawai (cute) she is.  Everyone got house clothes and slippers, it was so fun.  

IMG_1103 IMG_0448     

After taking a brief rest, we headed out to explore Kyoto.


We got to see Nijo castle.  It was closed already, but still fun to see.  It had a giant moat!  So cool.


As soon as we took the pic with the castle it started to rain.  And by rain I mean poured buckets!  We wanted to see this cute light festival that went along the river though, so we got soaked.  We even stopped for umbrellas, but those only help so much.  If it had not been pouring the lights would have been much more enjoyable.  By the time we made it back to the ryokan we were exhausted.  No wonder people in Japan are so skinny, they walk like 20 miles a day!


And so ends part 1 of our adventure.  I will try to get more posted soon, but I have a little project I’m working on…baby girls 11th birthday!  So I may be hit and miss for a bit, but I will be back with lots more stories from Japan!  As a sneak peek, those stories may include a typhoon, Mt. Fuji, and Tokyo Disney!

Have a great day! xoxo


One thought on “Japan Adventure Part 1

  1. I have been waiting anxiously to hear about your trip. . . . So much so that I almost messaged you to ask for details!! 🙂

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