AHA Heart & Stroke 5k

Happy Monday Everyone!  As I was putting together my “to do” list and plastering pink post it’s all over my kitchen counter, my sweet girl said “add blogging to your list Mom”.  I guess that means she is not completely embarrassed by my hyper girly, easily excitable, spaz of a human and bloger that I am.  I love that girl!

Topic of the day…my first 5k race post stroke!

A little backstory about this event, it is the walk/run that I went to while I was still in a full time rehab hospital.  It is crazy to compare this year to last year.  In fact I think that is what I will do!

Here I am, about 3 weeks post stroke.  I look normal enough in this photo.  If you look closely though I am still wearing my hospital bling on my wrist.  I recall this pose being very difficult because my left arm was so paralyzed it wouldn’t bend easily and my hand was falling off my hip.  It also felt impossible to line up my shoulders.  My left shoulder was always shifted back, and not because I was being all cute and sassy:)

I was so nervous being at a crowded public event.  I even had a wheelchair because I had no idea how far I could walk before “lefty” aka “Buffy” would give out.  Yeah you heard that right, I named my left side Buffy.  It felt like a completely unattached piece of my body, plus it was a total uncoordinated ditz (no offense to any actual Buffys).  I was not yet capable of running so I walked, very slowly.  I also had a “catch” in my walk that was so annoying.  Needless to say, I made it around Sugar house park a full lap, which is about 1.5 miles.  I have no idea how long it took, but my leg was completely shaky afterward.


Fast forward one year to 2015.  I created a team called “Vickie’s Glitter Army” and I was determined to RUN this race!  I worked on my gait everyday, no joke.  I can’t even tell you when it started to get better or “click” because progress was so slow.  My road back to running was hard.  In fact I still struggle with arm swing and some days my left leg just won’t create the movement I need it to, but I keep trying.  I’m definitely not as fast as I used to be. However, I find more joy in running now than ever before.

At the 5k this year I was not nervous, I was excited.  I knew I could do it and I wanted to show other stroke survivors, especially the young ones, that progress is possible.  I finished the 5k in 32 minutes 51 seconds!

IMG_5068 IMG_5073

I will be back at this race next year, faster and with more sparkle;) The future is bright and I can’t wait!

Have a spectacular day.  You can do amazing things!  xoxo