Hawaii Day 3! Beach Park, Pancakes, PCC, Poi, & Pork!

Welcome to Day 3 of our Hawaiian Adventure!

The day started off with a beautiful run all around the trails and beaches of Turtle Bay.Image

Sweaty Sweaty good times.  We were so not used to the humidity!  It looked like we went swimming instead of running.


Chilling on top of a WWII bunker that we found out on one of the trails.Image

We also found a giant banyan tree.  So cool!

Alright, enough running, I’m starving!!Image

Time for breakfast!!  We went to this little place called Papa Ole’s that is near the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Thank you friends for suggesting it!  They give you like 10 pieces of bacon!Image

And HELLO!  Look at this delicious pancake stack!  We got chocolate chip macadamia nut and the were insane.  So fluffy, perfect, and doused in a creamy custard like sauce.  The pancakes of my dreams!Image

After a tasty carb fest we dropped Val and her Aunties off at Kokololio Beach Park while Cam and I went back to the resort to get the PCC tickets…because I forgot them:)

But I’m so glad I was an airhead, look at this beautiful beach the girls were able to explore!




Not a soul  around!ImageImage

I love these pics!  Image

Ok, moving on to the Polynesian Cultural Center!  It is so pretty in there.Image

We went around to all the villages and watched the presentations.Image

I quite enjoyed the ones that gave you sticks to play with:)


This dude here, totally inspired me to want to process coconuts at home!  He drained the water, shaved the meat, squeezed the milk out, and then started the process of making coconut oil. Amazing!  I have to try this out.Image

Body paint tattoos!  These are so cool…and so staining.  Beware not to get it on your clothing!Image

I should have opted for a face tattoo!  It would have saved my dress!

Haha, love these two:)Image

Awe, precious.  I think they cued the dudes to tell their lady how lovely they are:)Image

Valie got a passport at the beginning of our day and she got a stamp at every village.  It was fun for her and she got cute little pins at the end.Image

This dude climbed a coconut tree, very impressive.Image

We also learned how they greet each other in Aotearoa.  I think I like the whole nose/forehead smushy thing.Image

The water pageant was lots of fun!  It was like a little preview of the show we would see that night.  My fave is of course the Tahitian girlies.Image

They had a poi tasting station as well.  I’m not a fan :).  Reminds me of starchy baby food. As an ingredient in something else it’s great.  Alone…not so much.


Oooooo we also saw a traditional Tahitian wedding ceremony.  So cool to see the different traditions.



The day went by way too fast!  We barely had time to squeeze in the movie and a canoe ride at the end of our day.  My suggestion would be to skip the movie and do something else like hula or spear throwing.  The theater itself is super cool, but he movie is a snoozefest.Image

After a day of touring it was luau time!!  We did the dining and show with our entrance ticket.  I highly recommend it.  The food was good, the dinner entertainment was fun, and it was the perfect break before the big show.


Ha Breath of Life is the main attraction at night.  The dancing was wonderful.  I wasn’t a fan of the story, but was still completely entertained.  My family liked it as well.  We all had way too much pork though and the last 20 minutes none of us could stay awake.  I think this was the latest we stayed up the whole trip!

When we got back to the resort, I hardly remember anything.  Zzzzzzzzz.ImageAnd that is the end of day 3!!  Hope you are enjoying our crazy antics!  Tomorrow is Kuloa Ranch, and Asian casino, and Disney’s Aulani!!