We’re All Mad Here! & Workout of the Day

Obsession of the Day is party invitations and making butterfly garland! As much as I would love to just go out and order some super cute custom made party invites…the penny pincher inside me just can’t do it. I saw some adorable tea party invites at my favorite paper store but they were $2.25 per invitation! Whoa, that would be about $80 for paper that will be recycled! So we are getting creative and making our own pocket watch shaped invites. Buying the materials cost about $10 and will take some labor, but I think it will be worth the savings…maybe…ask me again at the end of this project :).
Today I am also working on ceiling decorations. We are stringing butterflies on fishing line. I have a vision of whimsical butterflies all over my ceiling but right now it looks like a kindergarten art project, blah! But I’m going to keep going with it and hope that once I get a bunch of them up that it will look cool. So yes, I feel like the Mad Hatter today. Quite bonkers and needing a cup of tea, or any other caffeinated beverage!  Here’s a pic of the cute butterflies 🙂

ImageHere’s a not so cute pic of the mess my butterfly hole punch makes!ImageOk, onto the training update.  I’ve been pretty busy so most of my running has been on the treadmill during any free moment.  I did 7.5 miles today and watched the Barefoot Contessa make some delicious looking sausage dish, pasta, cookies, cheesy thing, and more yummy stuff.  It was making me super hungry.  Unfortunately I went to the fridge after my run and there was nothing as tasty looking in there, boo.  Ah well, I guess yogurt and oatmeal it is.


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